Level One. Bad Weather Day.

Level One. Bad Weather Day.

By Michelle Lloyd.

What a day it had been for BJ,

running, hopping and jumping all the way.

Outside the weather had become windy and wet,

and all of BJ’s plans for games had been upset.

Instead he was told to come into the warm of the burrow,

he could always go out and play again tomorrow.

BJ could not help but feel forlorn,

his ideas about how his day would go seemed tattered and torn.

Then BJ remembered the words of his grandfather and set about he did,

to win around the day in a different kind of ambitious bid.

If BJ could not go outside to fulfil his aims to play,

instead he would find enough toys and inside he could stay.

BJ’s day had not gone exactly to his original plan or as he had thought,

but he ended up with an equally good day because of what he had been taught.