Brain activity.

In circle one of the spirit guides referred to brain activity and that is why I wanted to write up this little account.  People on this side refer to the brain as something which is the main point of contention over ego, academic scope, physical potential and self.  Whilst, of course, the brain uses its many capacities and much scientific research has shown that the brain is used in different ways and much more is now available in terms of how it is structured there is still much to be known.

Spirit often refer to the spirit world.  Endeavouring to try to relate what the spirit world is like can be difficult as spirit can not fully convey the meaning of description as they state that the human brain has not reached a point where every part could be examined and comprehended.  In a recent circle spirit talked of particular case whereby they stipulated a boy of twelve years of age who since birth had no actual brain and only a stem with the part attached to where the brain should be.  The spirit related this specific example by saying; in your newspapers you have reported of a boy who without a brain is still able to function and perform tasks to the extent of having wonderful skills and mathematical ability.  Thus, the point was raised by spirit that even without what you expect to have the potential is still there and phenomenal things can be shown.

Scientific investigation has shown that people do not use all of their brain capacity.  While we are on earth we only use 10 to 20 % of our brains, however when we are in the spirit world all of the brain is used.  This is an incredible increase of up to 80 to 90%.  Imagine the difference.