An aura is a magnificent display of what and who a person is on the inside as well as out.  The aura is a means through colour by which it can be determined which side of the spectrum a person is on, either passionate or creative, mood determinate and even descriptive to the point of showing the signs in accordance with how happy and intuitive a person can be.  Auras can even show the state of one’s health.

Scientifically auras have been a method by which technology and specialized cameras can show up these highlights and has been the cause for much research.  Investigation and data has been reached in this field and as such auras have proved to show valid and intriguing results.  The auras can be captivating to look at as they show features and scientifically examined rays of colour.  

Auras are a fascinating subject.  One which is stimulating and which is included here alongside some of the codes by which auras can be looked at;

There are seven types of human temperament which are represented by seven major vibrations in colour.

Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red; these colours are the ones which dominate the aura in theory.

Red; a very visible colour and a symbol of life, a lot of red in an aura represents the elements of strength and vital being.  People with red in the aura have physical preferences, minds and a sense of will but have a materialistic overview.  Often warm and affectionate, people with red in an aura are full of love and are courageous.

Orange; represents the vital force.  It represents the natural force and the force of the sun, what Yogis call the soul of energy.  Orange and strong orange hues show traits of vitality, activity and energy.  Orange people are often live wires, the vital qualities can come across as people who dominate others.  They are born for responsibility and often positions of higher skill.  They find it much easier to rule than serve.  Very good masters as they are tactful managers and mix well with all classes of people.

Yellow; denotes soul qualities, the astromental forces, symbolic of thought and concentration of a mental nature.  A stimulating colour for health and mental activity.  It is a ray which is shown for the need of mental concentration.  It signifies light also representing the sun and gold has a spiritual significance.

Yellow flowers can be beneficial in dispelling worries.

Green; people with green elements to the aura can be jealous or envious, but by and large it is a good colour.  Green represents individuality, growth and people who have achieved a lot in life often display a green tint to their aura.  Like the golden colour green also governs our mental capability.  People who show a green aura are versatile, thoughtful and adaptable.

Blue; represents inspiration.  Blue is a very spiritual colour.  The darker a blue the more likely the person is spiritual and wise.  The presence of a great deal of blue in an aura means harmonious, artistic and spiritual qualities.  It is a vibration which associates with the Moon and feminine aspects.  This shows self reliance and competence.

Violet; is rarely seen in aura readings, indeed it is a highly spiritual colour and not often seen on the earth with people.  It is a colour which belongs more to spirit beings and within higher spheres of spiritualism.  It has been a colour which is influential and shows power, its presence in an aura shows greatness.  If anyone possesses this colour in their aura this displays a lot of worthiness.

Indigo; in an aura often shows a high degree of sensuality and integrity. 

Grey; which is neither white nor black, it’s presence in an aura usually indicates a lack of imagination and tendency to be Narrow minded.  They can be interpreted as people who concentrate a lot and are persistent.  They want everything to be their own way. 

Black; is not usually ever seen in an aura because it is associated with dark prospects and perhaps we should be glad that it is not seen that often in people 🙂 .

Pink; was regarded by ancient philosophers as a mystic colour and can represent people who are quiet, calm and like beauty and artistic things.

Silver; people with silver are often lively and volatile.  They are not so reliable.  The colour goes with people who are active and gifted in matters of travel, movement and speech, they are tryers in all trades but are not actually proficient in one particular field.  They do not seem to stay still or settle down. 

Brown; people with brown do display qualities of organisation, management and are businessmen or executives.  People as such have to be good managers.  Rarely people of strong moods, somewhat conventional with traditional aspects.  They still do endeavour to achieve and enjoy luxury and particular richness.