An OMG special physical sitting:

This sitting occurred on the 27th July 2011.  As per regular the curtains were firmly drawn and pegged, the light was switched off and a tiny candle put in the container of the red box however in this sitting the red light was also lit, the door was ensured firmly closed and everyone sat in their own seats.  On the table was placed the two trumpets, a small doll and ring on the rim of a trumpet, a crystal ball and a toy car.  On the floor was set two larger dolls, the Native American mask, a pencil and paper sheet and a wind mill toy. 

On this particular eve the sitting was slightly different as all members could not attend.  One sitter who started the circle with his Native American style drumming was sadly not well and therefore could not attend and there were fewer members to actually form the circle.  The opening words were said and the circle was opened although the energy did seem different and the circle members went down into trance.  At the start of circle, the energy did appear charged but it was also to be an evening that held a lot of physical and spectacular incidents.  As mentioned the number of circle members was fewer and I believe that there was a slight apprehensive and worried sense that as a result of there being not so many sitters the activity and spiritual part of the sitting could also be less.  However this was to be proved wrong in the most astounding way.  In a way I feel the slight anxiety may have slowed the start of the circle down, the sitters remained in trance and as the minutes went on the first spirit started to speak.  A Native American gentleman both concise and clear spoke to the circle in a direct manner.  The words were clear and stated that spirit were gathering in the room and circle and that there would be many physical and observations to be made that evening.  The assembled sitters were thanked for their being there and patience was asked for, then the entity spoke of the need for meanings to be deciphered from the happenings which were about to occur.  The Native American energy’s final words were to say to please take note of the small occurrences which were about to take place around the sitters.  Once the spirit had finished addressing the circle the chill in the room started to affect the sitters’ hands and legs.  An icy cold almost breeze swept through the circle to the point where two of the sitters felt the need to put on layers of clothing.


The circle started to drift deeper into trance and almost moments later a mist started to develop before one of the sitter’s faces.  One of the sitter’s looked down and noticed that one of the larger dolls sitting on the floor had been completely flipped over on to the floor and its side but that was not all the pencil had also left its position on the paper and floated over to another part of the carpet.  This movement was brilliant but it was the next message that brought through a heart warming feeling as images of spirits came into the circle clairvoyantly.  Several poignant messages were given to each of the members of the circle and then the darkness in the room seemed to dip.  The red light flickered and actually went down twice.  The two curtains also seemed to flicker with orbs and the blue lights glowed in parts of the room.  The misty veil of cloudy light seemed to get thicker in front of one of the mediums and it was in the next few seconds that the sitting was to take a dramatic twist.


Everyone’s attention was drawn to the sitter whose face was lost and seemed as if her features had melted into one another; this was not all it was also seen that new features seemed to overtake hers.  As the sitter’s neck seemed to differ with lines appearing where her skin was smooth and her head titled back the mouth also dropped open.  The oddest sound started with a whispering and odd release of breath.  It seemed as if the spirit present was unused to giving a message or that the message was in a different language.  Either way it took several moments before whispers started to filter through the oddly ebony mouth.  The message was that the spirit was coming, trying to talk to the circle and she said that she was coming to see the circle.  As the energy seemed to leave the sitter an oddly shaped green glow affected the circle.


An elephant form was also seen along with the clairvoyant name of Guita.  The other sitter on the other side of the room started to move, it was then noticed her feet had actually turned black.  As if she had put black socks on, one of the other sitters sat there in shock, as we could clearly see the appearance of another person with a totally different skin tone come through and sit over that sitter.  It was in the next few long minutes that the lady actually started to talk.  It was with a wonderful amount of energy and new sense of presence that this lady spoke.  Seasons were important to her and she had come from a particular African town.  The energy was pleasant and she gave inspiration to all the members of the circle.


Smells also seemed to flit through the circle.  A definite sweet smell affected the leader of the circle and then two more sitters smelt the sweet aroma/smell.  This was then followed by two spirit clairvoyantly seen children who came into the centre of the circle and started to play with the wind mill toy.  Another child also showed images of the abacus on the other corner of the room.


There was an indescribably energy to the circle.  A happy and adrenalin buzz that kicked in and had all sitters feeling high.  The clairvoyant image of Black Eagle was seen.  Moments later the leader of the circle went down into trance.  Black Eagle took over her expression and then he addressed the circle.  He was happy about the way the circle had gone and spoke of the many older spirits who had come through to the circle as well as the significance of the events which were taking place in circle.  This was accompanied by his words of teaching and the teaching that was taking place in the circle.  The physical was also taken note of. 


On the other side of the room a chill started up again and a sitter closed her eyes.  The spirit talking was kind and beautiful.  It seemed as if the message was to state that as long as spirit presence came through to the circle then things could take on a wonderful turn.


The deep green light glowed over the curtain.  The sitters could hear strange sounds coming through the walls.  A cracking footsteps echo came from the floor above where there is no floor and then little taps bounced down the wall.  The bowls were tapped.  The sitters legs were tickled, two of the sitters significantly feeling paws on them.


A black cat was seen jumping on one of the empty chairs by one of the sitters.  The next moment a shadow close to the ground went crawling in front of the wall.  Movement was felt.  Coldness seemed to seep through what should have been a centrally heated room.


The sitters all felt charged and happy as the sitting closed.  The circle was closed but that was not all that was to happen before the sitters could leave the room the electric lights overhead flickered and then as if drained went out completely pitching the sitters into darkness.  Excited chatter filled the air and then when the light was switched back on (the light worked again as if nothing had happened) the pencil had been moved back on to the centre of the paper once more.  *  The doll that had flipped over also had her legs completely crossed over.


Just to clearly note down all the physical activity which took place:


         After the light was switched back on the second time it was noticed that the windmill toy had also been tampered with as it was now sitting at a different angle and facing other sitters.

         The pencil was moved off and back on to the centre of the paper sheet

         The doll was flipped on to the floor and her legs crossed


The circle leader actually stated that to sum up the circle it had been like magic.


The animals seen were:


         black cat

         a larger dog

         an Elephant named Guita believed to be Sai Baba’s.